Serve Your Pet’s Needs at Our Warren, OH Animal Clinic

When your pet isn’t well, relieve your worry by visiting our professional animal clinic in Warren, OH. We take the time to help both you and your pet feel at ease when you visit us for anything from surgeries to pet dental care.

No matter what service you need, we understand that time is of the essence, which is why we’re easy to find on Mahoning Avenue in north Warren. Dr. Ray and her compassionate team welcome you by making your pet’s comfort a top priority.

Rely on Our Innovative Services

Your pet’s health is in good hands, thanks to our innovative services. Here are just a few:

  • Anesthesia: Sevoflurane is a safe, non-irritating anesthetic that allows your pet an easier recovery and return to full function after surgery.
  • CO2 laser surgery: Because of their superior precision, CO2 lasers are efficient, low-risk surgical tools. Pets feel less pain and recover more quickly after CO2 surgery. All our surgical procedures use this technology.
  • Laser therapy: To stimulate quicker tissue recovery after an injury, we use low-level (cold) laser therapy as a way to rebuild collagen and promote cell regeneration. Laser therapy also helps improve circulation and reduces the need for some pain medications.
  • Digital X-ray: Digital imaging allows our doctors to see your pet’s X-rays immediately, saving valuable time. We’re also able to enhance images for greater clarity and precision during treatment.
  • Full In-house Lab: We perform all tests in house for quickest results (sometimes in as little as 1 hour), eliminating the 4-day waiting period that’s standard at most veterinary facilities.

Call us today at (330) 847-0014 to learn more about our services or to set up an appointment.